We support and facilitate the progress of highly motivated individuals who may lack guidance or resources to work toward their short term goals or their lifelong aspirations.  We are a small group of volunteers seeking to identify and work with such individuals to help them get a step farther along their path.

We receive potential clients primarily through referrals from partner agencies. We meet first with the agency's point person to assess the client's motivation and needs, as well as our ability to help. Next, we meet with the client to hear their story.  Finally, once we commit to working together, we help them map out steps that will lead toward success. 

We provide support by mentoring, connecting with any relevant agencies, and financial help when necessary.  A key requirement for all of our clients is to understand that they are the drivers in their journey with us.

See some example stories here.

Contact Us

If you need further information about how we operate, or if your agency would like to partner with us, please send us an email at